About us

We're revolutionising the way you buy a used car

Carspring is Europe’s first truly online used car dealership. We exist to make buying a used car as simple as it can possibly be. Street by street, driveway by driveway and garage by garage, we’re on a never-ending mission to enable mobility for the masses.

When you buy with us, there's none of the usual dodgy dealers or pressuring patter in between you and the car you want. Just a simple, online journey, one damn thorough preparation process and convenient, nationwide delivery - directly to your door. 

Simple: Whether it’s our seamless, online process, on-hand customer service team, or fully-flexible delivery. We do the complex stuff, to keep things simple at your end.

Honest: We always tell you how it is. We'll always keep you in the loop. We're always here to offer our expertise.

Innovative: We’re committed to making your buying journey better. Your experience of owning easier. Your process of selling simpler. We’re unstoppable innovators and we will not rest until we offer the best of the best.

Our Story

Peter and Max were sick of people getting a raw deal. They decided to change that.

Our founders, Peter and Max, love cars. But, they hated the tedious and time-consuming way of buying or selling one. To put it bluntly, they were annoyed by the way everyone was treated. Bored by long days trudging around car supermarkets. Sick of slick salespeople only interested in their commission. And, depressed by dodgy used car dealers selling unknowing customers banger after banger.

Carspring founder Peter Baumgart loves used cars

Peter Baumgart

Peter heads up our marketing, product and IT teams from our Berlin offices. Having completed a Ph.D. studying marketing techniques, he’s a bit of whiz when it comes to the strategy behind spreading the Carspring message.

Carspring founder Max loves used cars

Max Vollenbroich

Max leads our operations, finance and customer service teams from our London offices. With a background in automotive consulting, he’s always got his eye on industry trends, making sure we continue to stay way ahead of the curve.

After meeting at consultancy firm McKinsey & Co, they decided to change all that. And, finally, in May 2015, they launched Carspring. When we first started, it was just London. Within months, we’d gone nationwide. Success wasn’t instant, but we instantly knew we were onto a winner.

From the get go, people loved our new approach. They still do. They love the simplicity of our site. They love the fact they don’t have to leave their home. And, most importantly, they love the great condition of our cars. Now, month on month, we’re growing. And, while we may be getting bigger and we’re always getting better - we’ll never lose sight of why it all began - with that burning desire to bring the Great British public the dedication they deserve.

Our Obsession

Everyone at Carspring is obsessed with cars.

As the old cliche goes, if you’re going to sell something, you’ve got to know your product. Whoever you speak to at Carspring, one thing is clear - we don’t just know about cars, we’re obsessed by them.

But, it’s about more than just cars. We believe it’s essential that we really get to know you, our customers. We’re obsessed with knowing your needs, your hopes and your fears. In creating a completely effortless, online way to buy or sell a used car, we want you to feel completely relaxed and reassured throughout the whole journey. And, for this, trust is key. We can’t reassure you if you don’t trust us. That’s why we’re always pushing to keep you informed and always determined to tell you the truth. We’re obsessed with being honest, always.

Our Team

We’re young. We’re pretty smart. We’re a lot of fun.

We’re an international team based in London and Berlin. We’re made up of some of the smartest, coolest and cultured folk out there. OK, maybe not. But, when it comes to cars and treating people with the respect they deserve, we know what we’re doing.

We take cars seriously. We take work seriously. We take our ping pong table, 5-a-side football and enjoying ourselves in the office pretty seriously too. But, we’re definitely not here to take life seriously. We’re a young company, full of young people and fresh ideas. In our office, everyone from interns to founders have an equal opportunity to make a difference. And, if people take life too seriously, new ideas don’t happen, innovation doesn’t happen and things just stay the same.

Join Our Team

Sick of living life in the slow lane? Put yourself in the driving seat. Come and work at Europe’s first truly online used car dealership. With incredible growth, a flat hierarchy and a diverse international team - life here’s completely different to anywhere else. If you’ve got a passion for all things automotive, have the creativity and confidence to break with convention, we want to hear from you.