Changing The Way You Buy a Used Car
Show Me an Easy Way

Buying a used car hasn’t changed for 100 years. A century of pushy dealers, dubious motors and dragging yourself around windy car lots. It’s no surprise the RAC found 40% of us disliked the whole used car dealer experience. Buying new, or from private sellers, are alternatives but this leaves you open to either ridiculous depreciation costs or poor quality service. When it comes to buying a car, something has to change.

100 years of misery, £45bn a year

The UK used car market is worth a whopping £45bn. That’s £45bn we all spend every year on an intimidating, stressful and untrustworthy experience. To get the measure of public opinion, we went around the country and asked people how they found buying a used car. To put it simply, they weren’t happy.

woman with trade in car

As nerve-wracking as a trip to the dentist

A third of people in Plymouth thought it was as stressful as organising a wedding, 4 in 10 people in Sheffield found it as scary as an exam and 25% of people in Newcastle thought it was as nerve-wracking as a trip to the dentist. The intimidating process makes us all feel a bit lazy. In reality, we’re waiting for the deal to come to us. Over 50% of people aren’t willing to travel more than 20 miles to find their next car and on average people only look at 2-3 cars.

Kicking the tyres

Us Brits are also generally pretty bad at checking the mechanics too. Nearly half of people look under the bonnet, the underside of the car and kick the tyres without having a clue what they’re actually looking for. Plus, we found that only 2% of people bother to get experts to undertake a proper inspection. The result? We waste a load of time, stress ourselves out and end up completely clueless about whether we’ve bought a banger, or decent set of wheels.

A new direction for used cars sales

Imagine a different way. Where, in the same way as buying your groceries, your Christmas presents or a new pair of shoes, a few clicks of a button lands your dream car. That’s where Carspring comes in. All you have to do is log on, find your perfect car and choose how you want to pay.

Simple and stress-free

Instead of having to test your acting skills by pretending you’re some sort of expert mechanic, you can be sure that the car is of the highest standard. All our cars come inspected by an independent assessor as well as Carspring’s own mechanics. With us, you don’t have to worry about finding a great car in your area. For once, it comes to you. We’ll deliver your new car to you at a time and place of your choice. If you live in England, it won’t cost you a thing.

Make sure it’s perfect

You also get a load of time to make sure it’s the perfect car for you. Instead of the usual 30 minute test drive, bombing around the local industrial estate, you get 14 days to see how the car actually fits in with your life. Not happy? We’re more than happy to refund you.

Complete peace of mind

Once you’re out on the road, you can be sure that if the worst does happen, you’re completely covered. All Carspring cars come with free Carspring Warranty for 6 months, covering you against serious mechanical repair bills, as well as AA breakdown cover for 12 months, ensuring you’re never going to be left hanging in the hard shoulder. Don’t feel used when you’re buying your next used car. Browse our cars now and see how stress-free, reassuring and easy it can be.