10 Reasons to Buy a Used Car
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There’s a lot of bad press about buying a used car. In all honesty, it’s not exactly surprising. When it comes to used cars, images we have etched on our brains are Danny Devito pouring sawdust into the engine in MatildaFacejacker conman Terry Tibbs and the sliminess of Boycie in Only Fools and Horses.

But, in reality, it’s time to dispel these cliches. Ok, so if you go to your local used car dealer, you may feel like these stereotypes aren’t far from the truth. However, that shouldn’t put you off the fact that there are plenty of great reasons to buy a used car. Here, we go through some of the most persuasive arguments:

1) You avoid new car depreciation costs.

As soon as you’ve driven your new set of wheels off the forecourt of your local dealership, you’ve immediately lost 20% of its value. Give it a year and up to half of your car’s value will have evaporated. After the first year, the substantial cost of depreciation begins to subside, meaning you’re always going to better off buying used.

2) You get more for your money.

As a case in point if you spend £15,000 on a new Ford Focus, you could spend the same amount of money and end up driving around town in a nearly new BMW 3-Series. I mean, it doesn’t mean the Focus is a bad car. In fact, we think it's great. But, it does mean you can get that car you may have been dreaming of without the over the odds initial outlay.

woman with trade in car

3) Or, you get the same for much less.

It’s cheaper than buying new. A whole lot cheaper. For example, let’s take a BMW 3 Series Touring 318d M Sport 5dr. This has a new list price of £32,970. However, after its first year it’s likely to be worth around £20,000. That means, if you’re looking for a new 3-Series, you can save yourself around £13,000 by buying after the first year.

4) You can now be sure you’re getting a quality car.

It’s not like the olden days. You don’t have to walk onto a windy car lot only to be conned by a wide boy in a cheap suit. With Carspring, you log onto our site, safe in the knowledge that whichever of our models you pick, it’s gone through our rigorous multi-stage inspection process. This includes an RAC-verified inspection, an assessment by our in-house team and seriously stringent quality control procedure. There’s none of those sleepless nights, worrying you’ve landed a complete piece of junk.

5) You avoid those deadly dealer add-ons.

OK. Maybe not deadly, but if you’re buying a new car, you’ll usually end up being persuaded into adding loads of options extras that you don’t really need. They add very little in terms of value to your car. And, when it comes to buying used, that shows. Meaning you’ll be the one taking advantage, not being taken advantage of. 

6) With the money you save you can do something amazing.

What if somebody just said to you, ‘here you go, here’s £10,000’. What would you do? A trip around the world? Redecorate your house? Whatever you’ve been dreaming of doing, buying a used car is a far less humiliating way of banking yourself an extra few thousand than say, an appearance on Deal or No Deal.

7) It’s better for the planet.

There’s no doubt about it. Buying used is better for the planet. Yes, a brand new car may have technology that increases its efficiency, but this does little to offset the carbon footprint of its production. Buying a used car is a simple form of recycling. Realistically, cars are built to run for more than 150,000 miles these days so there’s simply no point letting this potential go to waste.

8) You can still have that new car warranty.

Many of us opt for a new car because of the extensive warranty packages that are on offer with new models. The only thing is, these aren’t exclusive to new cars anymore. Whichever Carspring car you end up buying, you can be sure that you’re covered against those annoying and costly surprises. All of our cars come with 6 months Carspring Warranty. This is one of the most comprehensive warranty packages in the UK and covers you against serious mechanical repair costs.

9) You can now buy used without leaving your home.

Those rainy days trawling around back street lots are a thing of the past. Now, with Carspring, all you have to do is find the car you’re after and decide how you want to pay. We’ll sort the paperwork and deliver your car directly to your door. There’s none of the hassle of out-of-town car supermarkets, none of the pressure of dingy portacabins at dodgy used car dealers and none of the pushiness of commission hungry salespeople at larger franchised dealers. Just a high quality used car that feels like new delivered to your door. 

10) You don’t have to settle for the half hour test drive.

Buying a new car is the second largest purchase you’re likely to make after buying your house. You’ve got to be sure that you’re getting your perfect set of wheels. When you buy a new car from a franchised dealer, generally you only get up to a maximum of 30 minutes to take it for a test drive. When you buy used, from Carspring, you can take your used car out for a full two weeks and make sure that it’s perfect for you. Not the one for you? Simply return it at any time.