Car Buying Websites Uncovered

May 23, 2016 by Joe Newman | Guides | Sell a used car

Car buying websites always promise you a great price. It seems fantastic. You're sat at home. You've spent a few minutes putting in a few details and then, suddenly you've sold your car. Sounds great. Right? Well, like anything, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Here at Carspring, we've got a simple philosophy - being honest with you from the start, even if our price seems a little bit lower to begin with.

Car buying websites

There's been a lot in the news about car buying websites over the last few years. When these sites were launched, with their catchy jingles, they seemed to offer a revolution in the way people sold their car. A few years down the line people were feeling a bit unsure of what some of these companies had to offer. An investigation by the Office of Fair Trading, for example, found that one of the leaders in the market only paid their ‘guaranteed price’ to 4% of its customers. A recent report by This is Money found that the difference between the 'guaranteed price' and what's actually paid can exceed £1000s.

A different philosophy

We do things differently because our philosophy is different. No, we’re not against catchy jingles, but we are all about being honest. And, so is our process. We exist to offer people a genuinely transparent alternative to what's currently on offer. We don’t want to mess you around with valuations that over-promise. We’re happy to underpromise and over-deliver. The price we offer is 100% the price we’ll pay, simply because it’s a realistic valuation. Plus, if we find your car to be in good working order, we’ll even pay you a loving owner’s bonus.

How do I get the bonus?

You'll get our loving owner’s bonus if your car's in reasonable condition given its age and mileage. This takes the price nearer to the value car buying sites say they’ll pay you. The only difference is, with us, you might actually get it. We’ll pay out for any car that’s mechanically sound and only requires routine maintenance, such as touching up paintwork or undertaking cleaning. We’re also looking for vehicles that have spare keys, all the usual documents and have a valid MOT certificate.

We are easier ...

Nobody likes to say they’re easy. Except we are, so we do. When you sell your car with us, we’ll not only be completely honest with you, we’ll come and pick your car up directly from your door. For free. Then, we’ll sort all the paperwork and transfer you the guaranteed price on the very same day. If your car qualifies, we’ll transfer your loving owner’s bonus just a week later.

Why sell with us?
  • We give you a price in seconds, that we guarantee to pay.
  • We'll buy your car, old or new.
  • Free, flexible pick-up within 3 working days.
  • As soon as we pick-up your car, we pay you the money.
  • If an independent inspection finds your car is in decent condition, we'll give you a bonus.
  • Put your old car towards one of our expertly inspected used cars.