How Carspring works:

Preparation process

We know that the quality of your car is all that really matters to you. That’s why our preparation process is all that really matters to us. It’s not witchcraft, magic or anything else that gets one of our high quality, Carspring Certified cars to your door. It’s hard work and a seriously OCD way of doing things. Here’s how our 5-7 working day preparation process works:

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Your car arrives at our preparation centre

Once you’ve decided one of our cars is perfect for you, we’ll go about making sure it arrives to you in the best possible condition. To do this, we need to transport your new car to our preparation centre. This is where we undertake our process so we can proudly call your new car Carspring Certified.


If required, we’ll put your car through an MOT

We always ensure your car has 6 months left on its MOT. However, often an MOT simply isn't required. If it is, at this stage we'll put it through the MOT test, a tyre checkup and a service, making any minor repairs that need to be made.


It goes through an in-house mechanical inspection

An MOT is all about making sure your car is road legal. In reality, before it arrives at your door, it needs to be a whole lot better than that. So, at this stage, Carspring’s team of expert engineers perform a seriously thorough mechanical inspection of your car, making any further repairs as necessary.


We make minor cosmetic repairs

Little chips and scratches happen. That’s normal if a car’s used. You can expect a few little beauty marks. But, at this point, we'll make sure there's no cosmetic damage beyond wear and tear.

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Carspring inspection

We don’t leave anything to chance. Here, we get the best mechanics to undertake a Carspring inspection. They take a detailed inspection of every aspect of your car, including bodywork, engine, electrics, mechanics, wheels, tyres and interior. Then, they take it out for a road test. This includes a 5-10 mile test drive by a highly trained Carspring-approved mechanic.


Deep clean

This is where we get really OCD. We get the hoover out, we get the carpet cleaner out. We go crazy. Giving your car a seriously deep clean. We’ll spray a little bit of air-freshener here and there to make sure that your used car has that satisfying new-car smell.


Carspring quality control

By this stage, your car’s in great condition. However, the final stage of our preparation process is putting your car through our quality control procedure, just to make sure. One of our in-house engineers takes a final, detailed look at all the mechancial aspects of your car.


The delivery date

The day comes. It’s time for delivery. One of our team gets in the car, fires up the Sat Nav and delivers it to your door. If you’ve bought on a part-exchange, we’ll also take away your old car.

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Good to know

  • The process usually takes 10-14 working days. During this period, we’ll send you emails to keep you up-to-date with where your car is in our preparation process.
  • This page is a (pretty accurate) guide. However, occasionally, cars in really good condition won’t need to go through every step of the process.