Terms and Conditions for the Carspring Referral Programme

1. The Carspring Referral Programme

The Carspring Referral Programme (or the “Referral Programme” or “Programme”) allows customers of Carspring Ltd (or “Carspring”) to earn £50 sterling by referring friends to either buy or sell a car on the Carspring Site (the “Referrer”). It also allows a person who has been referred by the Referrer to earn £50 sterling upon completion of either buying or selling on the Carspring website (the “Referred Person”).

In order to participate in the Programme, Carspring users must agree to the following terms, which become part of the Carspring Terms and Conditions. All capitalised terms that are not defined maintain their definition from the Carspring Terms and Conditions.

2. How to Earn £100

Carspring customers can earn a £100 cash payment for themselves if:

(i) a referred friend opens a unique link or code that originated in a communication sent by Carspring to that user and the Referred Person then opens an account on the Carspring website; and

(ii) subsequently that Referred Person then goes on to either buy or sell an automobile through the Carspring website and uses that link or code when completing the transaction; or

(iii) the user is a friend of a Referrer and then goes on to either buy or sell a car through the Carspring website and has used the Referrer’s unique link or code when completing the transaction.

The Referrer may not be a buyer or seller within the transaction to which the payment to the Referred Person is based upon.

3. Payment of £100

Carspring will only pay the stated amount if the transaction (either buy or selling) through the Carspring website has been fully paid out (or “Completed”); the payment will be made by bank transfer within 28 days of Completion;no payment will be forthcoming prior to the Completion of the transaction.

4. Sharing of Referral Links and Codes

Our Referral Programme is designed for the Referrer to share with friends. Subsequently, our Programme is for strictly personal and non-commercial purposes. This means that either links or codes provided by Carspring as part of the Programme may be shared on sites in which the refer is the primary content owner, such as social media. However, these same referral links or codes should not be published or distributed on sites where there is no evidence, or reasonable grounds, in which it could be considered that the Referrer has a personal friendship with the wider network (coupon sites, Wikipedia, Blog posts). Also, the Referrer may not share the referral code on Search Engine Marketing (such as Bing, Google AdWords etc.).

5. More than one referral

A Referred Person may only use one referral link or code. If a Referred Person receives more than one link or code, only the link or code that is of the Referrer that sent the link or code initially will be eligible for the pay-out. Likewise, the Referred Person will only be able to claim the £100 cash payment for being referred once, although they can themselves become a Referrer.

6. Severability

If it comes to pass that one of the provisions in these terms are not valid, are void or are unenforceable (or the specific part of the provision is not valid, is void or is unenforceable) this will be struck and the validity, enforceability and legality of the remaining provisions shall remain valid, enforceable and binding.

7. Termination and change

Carspring may suspend or terminate the Referral Programme, eligibility criteria or a Referrer or Referred Person’s ability to participate in the Programme at any time, for any reason.

We also reserve the right to suspend a Referrer or Referred Person’s account and postpone or cancel any pay-out if we notice activity by either that appears to be abusive or fraudulent and not within the spirit of the Programme.

We reserve the right to review and investigate all activities related to the Programme and to suspend Referrer’s or Referred Person’s accounts, or modify referrals as we deem fair and appropriate.

8. Update to the Terms

We reserve the right to alter these terms without any prior notice. However, upon modifying the terms will make available notice of their modification on either the Carspring website, Carspring social media channels or other Carspring applications. Continuation in the Referral Programme after such changes will considered consent for continued participation.